Providing Flexible Car Finance Solutions

CCAUTO provides a range of smart, competitive finance options which are tailored to meet your needs and objectives.

Our finance and insurance managers have a wealth of experience and have access to over 50 lenders. They will save you the time and hassle doing it yourself, while helping you make an informed decision which meets your best interests.


How long does it takes to get approved for a car loan

You can find out if you qualify to apply for a pre-approved car loan within 24 hours, and get a final official conditional approval with in two work days. The overall car loan processing time, from application to settlement, take 3-4 days.

Pre-approval Option

Apply for a pre-approval so that you can start looking for a car with peace and mind knowing how much you can borrow and avoid the hassles of rushing into a car finance contract.

What happens with my application?

We will submit your application to an appropriate lender, confirm outcome and prepare the documentation for settlement.